October 12, 2015

Have you heard the latest trend about online shopping nowadays? If not, I’ve got big news for the shopaholics out there! You can now get your money back after you shop online. Yes, you read it right! There is now a way of getting back the cash after you spent it! Amazing right?

When I first heard about Shopback, I couldn’t believe it. It’s a website that provides you with the bestdeals and discounts on over 300 online stores. In line with this, it gives you a percentage of your procurement by means of cashback when you spend online through their website. You can choose to transfer the money you earned through your bank account or PayPal account. It’s really a fun and incredible way of spending, right?

After hearing about it, I immediately checked the website and I was really amazed by the discounts and deals offered! Here’s how you can create your own account in Shopback.

First, type http://www.shopback.ph on your browser. Upon opening the site, you will already view a lot of the best deals they offer.

Second, click Sign up and enter your email address and password. Also, you can sign in using your Facebook account.

After creating your account, a verification email is sent. After verifying the email address that you used, you will be redirected to ShopPerks wherein you can earn an extra PhP 100 after completing three simple steps.

After completing the three steps, you can now enjoy shopping with the hottest stores like ASOS, Zalora, Banana Republic, and many more!

You can earn more funds when you shop online. Just sign up through my link http://shopback.ph/r/yLlcc4 and instantly receive a PhP 200 sign up bonus, divided as PhP 100 upon sign up and PhP 100 after first order. Shopback isn’t just focused with fashion stores; it also has electronics, travel, food & beverage, home & living, and lifestyle. Don’t miss a chance on the best deals and discounts. Have a blissful shopping experience!

June 15, 2015

It has been a family tradition to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve outside the country. The country to visit depends on my grandmother’s decision. It also depends on the budget (of course! :P).

At first, I was kind of hesitant of joining this trip because I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO EAT THERE!! I mean, I'm not really into Chinese food. I only know how to eat dimsum like Siomai and Spareribs, Yeung Chow Fried Rice, Sweet and Spicy Pork, and Siopao. I was really thinking about how I will survive there. Lol.

To visit the beautiful Taiwan, you need a Visa! Yes, we applied for a visa and luckily, all of us got it!! After getting our visa, I immediately searched all about Taiwan and I was surprised because I thought the weather there is like Manila. But it's cold there! The weather there is the same as Tagaytay's, which is kinda cold. After searching and stuff, I packed my stuff and brought a lot of clothes and 3 pairs of shoes :D #GirlProbs hahaha

We left Manila on December 25, 2014. I forgot the exact time. Then, we arrived in Taiwan around 11 pm or 12 midnight. Anyway, the first thing we do was to go to our hotel and it's so freaking far from the airport. We traveled almost an hour before we arrived in our hotel. Blah blah blah. We slept after getting inside our hotel.

We stayed in a Apartelle in XiLin Village in Taipei.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken on the streets of Taiwan. So yummy!! <3

Road a bullet train for the first time. 

While strolling inside the mall, I got hungry. I needed something to eat and thank God, they have McDonald's inside the train station's mall. :D 

Outside the train station, there are mini tours around the city and it's for free!

Photo taken outside the old train station.

This is a playground inside the old train station.

One of my favorites in Taiwan!! The Hot Star Large fried chicken!! <3 So much love for this chicken. This one really makes me full even though it's super spicy. I ate this one with a cup of Wintermelon Milktea :D

As a dog lover (lol), I enjoyed walking in the streets of Taiwan. Almost everyone has a dog and they are super cute!!

I am  actually not a fan of Chinese cuisine, well except for the Yang Chao rice and other stuff but this trip introduced me to a different culture that made me learn and appreciate things that I am not familiar with. Likewise, this trip made me confident in terms of talking and mingling with people who I just met. 

I will definitely go back to Taiwan. This is a beautiful country filled with adventures and amazing people. Thank you, Taiwan!!

Sorry for posting this late!! :) I was so busy with school (what's new :/) HAHA

March 26, 2015

Please excuse my poor creative skill. Anyway, I'm so back!! (How many times I've said this already? Lol). Anyway, I'm almost finished with my internship plus we still have this on-going thesis and hopefully we can finish it by May or late June. As I look at my schedule this year, it'll be a little roomy which means I can update my blog again, only if I can post anything. Lol.

I am open for photoshoot/s. Lol. Feel free to invite me. :) Just send me a message at my Facebook or Twitter account or you can email me as well if you're a little too shy to message me on my social media accounts. Thank you!

I still don't have any summer vacation plans as of the moment. Message me agad para I can include you sa sched ko. :D

December 7, 2014

Hello!! I'm so back, for now. Still busy with everything like school related stuff. I can't wait for this term to end. 
A while ago, we had this shoot for SM Youth Campus Radar. But First, what is SM Youth? It's about Youth fashion and culture. Yeah, so these photos were taken at Salcedo Park in Makati by the amazing boyfriend, Mic!! These photos are NOT from the official photographer of SM Youth!! :D
A lot of changes happened to me these past months. I had to cut my hair short for a change 'cause I feel so tired combing those long curly hair. Tried not to sleep for days just to finish school related work. Gained a lot of weight which really made me sad, Lately, I tend to overeat but sometimes I skip meals, Idk. Its all because of STRESS.

Here's what I wore for the SM Youth shoot. 

Lazy look right? Well anyway, I find this outfit cute and simple. The denim jeans matches the black and white top and sneakers.

Choker from an IG shop; Earrings from a bazaar; Watch from Casio.

Top from Landmark; Jeans from Levis.

And the newly added shoe to my collection!! Finally bought a white sneaker, a generic one.

Exactly ten days and its my birthday already. I still can't believe that I am leaving my teenage life now. I'm going to be a young lady now (lol).