About Mj

Mary Jane de Lemos y Lagrada, or also known as Mj is an Information Technology student of Mapua Institute of Technology. She started blogging since 2012. She was invited by her friends to attend a blogger event that year. After attending the said event, she tried doing a simple blog. Before, she was blogging a lot of random stuff. She has no definite topic and focus.

Come 2013, she decided to do a Fashion and Travel blog. She wanted to explore her personal style and see the reactions and comments of others about it. She went through a lot. But despite those challenges, she still stood up and didn't mind what others say about her style. Likewise, a travel blog, since she travels a lot with her family. She wants to share every happy moments in her life.

Mj is definitely blessed and thankful. She hopes to continue to inspire and share her crazy life through blogging.