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July 27, 2014

New look inspired from my fave blogger, Luanna!
Photos taken at Makati by my friend, Kyle. Thanks bro!
Here's how I pulled off er style <3

I had a hard time trying not to smile or should I say trying to be serious in every photo like what Lua's doing. After taking every photo, I had to smile and laugh then serious face again. This is a tough shoot for me. Since I started taking photos around Makati, which is a busy place, there are a lot of people walking around the streets. Everyone's gazing at me. 

BEANIE - from Khush. Bought this one as a gift for myself. This is the only beanie I own and I still don't want to replace this one. 

TOP - from Tee Party. Bought this one because of the design, New York Advisory: Explicit Content. lol

WATCH - from Casio.

BOOTS - from Forever 21 Japan. Given by my auntie.

LOVE RING - from a bazaar. Please excuse my multi-colored french tips. 

SHORTS and WRAP AROUND - thrifted!! :D

What can you say about this outfit?
Hope I pulled it right. Have a great week everyone!


July 16, 2014

I didn't noticed that I'm wearing all blue with this outfit. It's so perfect for the green background which gives a calm and breezy outcome.
I spent a couple of hours choosing photos to post but I ended up picking most of the shots. Forgive me, please. HAHA

Kudos to Kyle for the photos!!
Here are the photos. :)

Denim vest - given by my aunt. She bought it at Forever 21 Japan. 

One piece - bought this at a bazaar. Pattered with birds!! So cute!

Flats - from the ever favorite, Solemate

Essential "accessories" are my watch from Casio and my rosary.

Other shots. Hehe <3
I fell in love with the plants at Makati. It really captured me because I'm really attracted to anything green. 
I love the nature lol

Anklets: Vietnam and Zambales.
Since I started wearing anklets, I had a hard time removing it. :( Planning to cut it but can't 'cause it is given by my boyfriend.

Wishing for a sunny week again. :)

May 30, 2014

Another lazy day for me. It's capstone day so I need to wear something comfortable.
I had the chance to see the sunset during this mini shoot at my friend's condo at Makati.
Here are some of the shots. :)

#SELFIE kuno shots by my ever supportive photographer/boyfriend!

My shampoo commercial photo!! I really love the wind effect in this photo! 

Jeggings - the ever favorite leg wear! 

Closer to Forever top - Bought this one during the edm festival, Closeup Forever Summer at Circuit Makati last May though this design is from last year's event. Bought this for a cause at Folded and Hung.

Another wind effect photo! <3

Flats - One of the comfiest shoes you can wear everyday. This is from Bench.

Studded denim vest - This one is different from the other denims. This one is really like a "sweat free" cover up. I mean, it doesn't make you sweat because of its thick cloth. This one has thinner denim cloth but still really fashionable!

Watch - From Casio.

What can you say about this look?


April 29, 2014

April 5, 2014; Closeup Forever Summer at Makati Circuit.

I really don't have plans to attend the said event. I was bored that afternoon and  I accidentally re-tweeted Air Asia's "re-tweet Wednesdays" tweet. There's nothing wrong with trying. I was really surprised that I won. Anyway, I don't have any regrets in attending this event!! It's an event to remember.

I went there as early as I can because I don't want to miss anything. I arrived around 5:45 pm. Luckily, the event just started. :)

My view inside the circuit. Aaah, I'm in love with the cotton candy clouds!! It's so relaxing to stare at it while listening to the awesome mixes during the event.

Since my friends were not able to make it to the event, I found someone who can accompany me and have fun with. Klara, she's also one of the winners of Air Asia's contest.

Sadly, I wasn't able to take pictures because I was so lazy and I'm enjoying that moment. 
I had a blast. Hoping for another Closeup Forever Summer next year!!


March 3, 2014

I really don't know what came into my mind and decided to wear again my tattooed stockings. Well, I was a head-turner for a day at school. Thanks to my cutie stockings!!

Trying to wear something cozy for a sunny weather. HE HE except that I am wearing stockings. I wore this stockings because I was really worried to enter my school without them. I might get an infraction for not wearing stockings. Our school considers wearing a skirt without stockings an infraction, so yeah.

Top and skirt- thrifted
Stockings - Forever 21 Japan
Doll shoes - Bench
Round shades - Ray-ban

Tattooed stockings are really popular in Japan. My aunt had a dental convention at Japan and yeah, I really got jealous. I REALLY WANTED TO VISIT THAT COUNTRY!! Anyway back to the stockings, she bought me to stockings with stars but different design. 

I paired this look with stars, moon, and black and white earrings. All of my accessories added a statement to this simple look!!

What can you say about my stockings?


February 8, 2014

My first photo shoot! Hahaha! Since it's my first time to do a shoot, I was so excited and nervous. I really had a hard time thinking of what to wear for this shoot. I was thinking of wearing something peculiar and voila! I paired a skater skirt with an ankle-strap platform wedge and a black-red-white polka dots socks.

I tried to be "minimal" with the colors. I don't know why I chose red and black. Really random. Well, anyway, here are the photos.

Vest - Forever 21 Japan, Watch - Casio, Skirt - Find and Shop, Socks - Korea, Shoes - Bazaar

Denim Vest - one of the most imperative piece for in-between seasons. I love how it integrate with my outfit and gave an undeniable dressed down sense to my look.

Printed socks - I really love how the socks blended with the shoes! At first, I was worried that it may look "bonjing" or weird but hey! I look awesome with these! Haha

Casio watch - Its retro-vintage style made this look a little classy. 

(L-R) Marru, me, Kyle, and our stunning photographer, Bryan.

Meet my alluring and nifty friends. Check out their blogs!! Don't miss out. :)