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August 19, 2014

Every Tuesday, I have no classes and it’s my free day. I have all the time to sleep but I just can't. It’s just that I find it hard to sleep and also because of my body clock which is 7:00 am or when I try to sleep again, 9:30 am.

Today, I woke up early to finish some school related stuff. I desperately want to finish everything today but I need to visit the doctor today for a check-up. Something’s wrong with me. Lol. I don't know if I am infected or what. It's hard for me to describe the feeling.

About this look.. Laid back look again. My outfit depends on my mood. I mix and match my clothes. I love trying out new styles but I always end being shy and hesitant about it. I always think of the negative stuff of what people can say about what I wear. Though, I know I always try to be unique in every way.

Bag from Jansport

Snapback from my boyfriend. I don't know where he bought this but I love the floral details and its color!! :)

Watch from Casio.

Top from Oxygen.

Before, I'm not used to buying stuff at Oxygen. I don't know. But now, I was influenced by my friends and started to love their collection. Plus, items are very available and unique!!

Wrap around from Landmark.
Sneakers from SM Department Store.

What can you say about this look? 
Have a great week everyone!


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Photographed by: Lorenz Kyle Wong 
Post processed by: Mj de Lemos

July 15, 2014

Finally! I had time to have a mini shoot. School just started for me again. One week break is not really enough for me to recover from the stress that I gained last term. How I wish we had more time to rest.

Photos were taken at Salcedo Park, Makati by Kyle! Thank you, man! :)

Top - Forgot where I bought this one. Denim star patterned top that I really love because of its cute star pattern. Hehe

Skater skirt - bought this one from my friend's online shop at instagram, findandshop. 
Black sneakers - from SM Department store.

Tried to look fierce here but I look funny HAHAHA 

What can you say about the color combination?


July 4, 2014

Trying out something new. HAHA. I really look like a tomboy here, except my hair because its long.
Photos taken in front of our neighbor's abandoned house. Photos by the amazing boyfriend.

Button down - Easiest fashion statement for men nowadays. Can be paired with either pants or shorts plus any shoes. Tried to wear a button down and its so awesome. lol

Jeans - Denim pants from Levi's.

Sneakers - From SM Department Store. Comfiest and fave shoes for the mean time. :)

Did I wore the button down right? 
Share with me your thoughts. :D

July 3, 2014

Before posting this one, I really had a hard time thinking a title for this. Suddenly, I remember that I have a blog post with a title "Boyish" so I decided to call this post as "Boyish 2.0". HAHA 

Anywaaaay, I wore this last Saturday, June 28, 2014. I was with my friends the whole day and I have a fever that's why I was kinda lazy dressing up.

Snapback (GEEK) - Wasn't able to take a picture of the snapback in front view 'cause I look awful wearing it. HAHA. I borrowed this one from my sister.

White shirt - This one is from Bench's basic tees collection. Finally, got to buy this white shirt!! 

Denim shorts - One of my favorite shorts!! I don't know its brand but I bought it at SM.

Black sneakers - This one is from SM Department Store. So comfortable to wear. :P

What can you say about this look?