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March 5, 2013

Hello!! Aaaah, finally! I found a day where I can pamper and relax myself!! Hooray! Thanks to Nail-a-holics for treating me like a princess today :) 

A sweet and relaxing ambiance at nail-a-holics. <3

I tried there Serene Island Manicure and Ocean Wave Eyelash perm. It's my first time to try the eyelash perm. Hahaha! At first, I was really teary because my lashes are sticking on my lids. 

Thanks to my boyfriend, Mic for stealing this photo while I was sleeping during my eyelash perm. =))

Again, thank you nail-a-holics for making me happy!! I'll visit you again, soon!! 


October 3, 2012

I woke early this morning to enroll the courses I needed for the next term. Any way, this post is all about my stuffs, I mean my accessories, bags, shoes, laptop, make-up, and my study table, which is still new and has few books and notebooks because I'm still fixing my clothes and shoes. I still don't want to share to you my clothes and shoes but I will post it here as soon as I already arranged it.

My other stuff toys are still in laundry. :) I will post a photo when everything is dry.

Here's my accessories. I know it's a mess. Hahaha! Every time I will pick an accessory, I will wear it and if it doesn't fit on what I wear, I will just throw it put it wherever.  

I was arranging all my accessories a while ago and I took a nearer view of it. I know, I know it's a bit few but I will buy and collect more!! :D

I don't collect bags but some of my relatives usually give me bags. Some of my bags are also used by my sisters, mom, and my auntie. We share our bags. :)

My make-up. Hahaha! Incomplete version. My mom borrowed the others and I am still lazy to get it from her. I don't usually buy theses stuffs, some are given to me by my aunties. :) Thanks to them! They're really teaching me how to look like a girl. I really don't know how to add make-up. I only know how to add mascara on my lashes, add lipstick and gloss on my lips, concealers. 

Oh, FYI. I don't like using powders like baby powders to prevent my face form oiling. A BIG NO! It irritates my face. I only use this press powder form Eskinol.  The sun screen creams are given by my auntie. I already tried it once and I really love the effect of it and most especially, It doesn't irritate my face :)

Did I mentioned that I really love the color violet? Yes! My grand mother bought this net book for me last summer. Out of this world ang pagbili niya sa'kin niyan. Biglaan eh. Hahaha! I was really shocked when she told me that she'll buy me my own net book. I was the one who chose the color. 

So, yeah. What can you say about this blog? :)

August 21, 2012

Aha!! I just received a tweet from an online store named IACCESSORIZE. They are endorsing their products via Twitter and Facebook. So, what I did is I checked their products on their Facebook page that they've sent me. Yeah, I liked their products especially the earrings and necklaces!! <3 Aaaah! I really adore the colors of their products! :) 

For my lovely readers, check out their page and especially their PRODUCTS! It's very classy and affordable. So check it out HERE. Enjoy shopping sweeties!!

So, what do you think? <3

(c) IAccessorize for the image. 

July 8, 2012

It's my friend's 18th birthday and I've been thinking for a month on what to wear & what gift to a buy! At last, all the thinking I've done are all accomplished! It's like I am having a hard time answering a Physics or a Programming exam. Oh, well. School is coming again. Another though year for me. Oh well, good luck to me! =))

So, here's what I wore :)

Awkward Smile. Fail, I'm sorry! 

Awkward stand =))

Top from Jewels and Charm; Mullet Skirt from Landmark; Shoes from Armen; Sling Ribbon bag from Landmark; Watch from Timex; Star connector ring from Cinderella; Necklace borrowed from my Mom; Ribbon from Landmark.

I really enjoyed last night. Looking forward to see my High school friends again. I love you, friends!! :)

June 27, 2012

I am really saving money for this things. I really wanted this since last April. So here are the things I wanted to buy:

1. Aztec Heels

2. Ankle boots

3. Detachable collar

4. Collar necklaces

5. Mullet Skirt

6. Rings

7. Peep toe heels

8. Matte pink lipstick

9. Dream catcher necklace/earrings