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March 1, 2014

After a long long while I finally got the chance to go through different fashion inspirations on Tumblr a few days ago. I got inspired and wanted to try doing a boho-gypsy look. So, I rummaged through 
the pile of old stuff in my closet and looked for something boho or gypsy. Looked for a plain top and paired it with my favorite printed top. The dream catcher necklace, bag, sandals and bracelets did a great job! I was really surprised that I still have this beaded sandals with me (which I thought our maid threw it or sold it).

Beaded bag - Vietnam

What can you say? :)
Thank you to Bryan Laroza for the photos!! ❤️


August 9, 2013

Happy colors! Lazy Thursday for me. Sorry late post!
Been busy with school :)

Top: Grab-a-tee || Leggings: 88 Summers || Flats: Solemate || Turban: Cesa

Hype this look at lookbook! :)

March 5, 2013

Pamper + project day! 
Here's what I wore today :)

Top - Landmark
Inner top - thrifted
shorts - DIY
sneakers - Keds
belt - boyfriend
arm candies - bazaar
love ring - Urban Bazaar
cookie monster ring  - bazaar

February 20, 2013

Newly painted nails. Sorry, it's not that perfect and it has bubbles. :( Anyway, wanted to try two tones again. At first, I wanted the combination to be like Pink for my tips and white for the nail itself but I find it hard to look for a white polish so I ended up with black.

I used a black Careline nail polish and the pink nail polish is from Vietnam. :)

So, here it is :)

Do you like it? <3 What can you say about it?

And I am back!! Yay!! Sorry for not updating too much. It's almost finals week. So, busy-busy-busy :( 
Anyway, this is how my hair looks after taking a bath!! Hahahah!! I know I have a curly and frizzy hair but hey!! I love my hair :) 

Here's what I wore today!!

Top from Landmark
Sando - thrifted
Leggings from Surplus
Loafers from SM Parisian

January 18, 2013

WAAAH! I'm so chubby again! =)) Anyway, here's what I wore today. :)

Top from NAF NAF
Jeggings from Surplus
Sandals from Viim
Necklace - gift
Eyewear - grandma's
Beanie from Khush
Earrings from Bazaar

Lookbook <3

November 9, 2012

Thank God it's (freaking) Friday! I miss wearing heels at school that's why I decided to wear something that will contrast what I am wearing. So, about what happened today.. Nothing. I just killed my feet to death!! I woke up around 6:30 am and my first class today which starts at  7:30 am. I really didn't want to commute because I'll surely arrive at school late. And ha! Thank you to my father who arrived early and I asked him to    send me to school and he immediately said yes. So happy!!

I arrived at school at exactly 7:29 am! Wooooo!! I'm so happy but suddenly, my professor in my first class didn't arrived. So,what the hell? Anyway, here's what I wore today :)

Aztec top: Landmark
Sleeveless top: Bargain
Jelly belt: gift
Jeans: Jag
Watch: Timex
Wedge: SM Parisian

September 3, 2012

Hello to my readers! Sorry if I wasn't able to update my blog for days, I was really busy with school. Our finals is getting nearer and first term will end so soon!! I so nervous about my performance every 1st term of the year. Oh well.

It's Monday again and I need to start my week right ;) It took me 30 minutes in deciding on what to wear today! I really had a hard time!! Ugh! I hate that feeling. Oh well, at least I had a "multi-colored" outfit today!! :D

Here's what I wore for today :)

Multi-color poloolo and inner top: thrifted
Brown pants: Rough Rider Jeans (RRJ)
Shoes: Sugar Kids
Multi-color earrings: Chick Flick
Watch: Timex
Bracelets: gift, thrifted

So, how do I look? :)