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March 5, 2013

Hello!! Aaaah, finally! I found a day where I can pamper and relax myself!! Hooray! Thanks to Nail-a-holics for treating me like a princess today :) 

A sweet and relaxing ambiance at nail-a-holics. <3

I tried there Serene Island Manicure and Ocean Wave Eyelash perm. It's my first time to try the eyelash perm. Hahaha! At first, I was really teary because my lashes are sticking on my lids. 

Thanks to my boyfriend, Mic for stealing this photo while I was sleeping during my eyelash perm. =))

Again, thank you nail-a-holics for making me happy!! I'll visit you again, soon!! 


February 20, 2013

Newly painted nails. Sorry, it's not that perfect and it has bubbles. :( Anyway, wanted to try two tones again. At first, I wanted the combination to be like Pink for my tips and white for the nail itself but I find it hard to look for a white polish so I ended up with black.

I used a black Careline nail polish and the pink nail polish is from Vietnam. :)

So, here it is :)

Do you like it? <3 What can you say about it?

May 11, 2012

Here's a collection of photos of my nails of this year :P This will be updated if I have new designs of nails though it's simple. :)

March 21 :)

April 3 :)

April 21

May 10 :)

May 31 :)

June 13 :)

I know, It's all simple. :P But I just love putting "simple" art to my nails. Please don't hate, just appreciate :)
Toodles!! xx