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March 5, 2013

Pamper + project day! 
Here's what I wore today :)

Top - Landmark
Inner top - thrifted
shorts - DIY
sneakers - Keds
belt - boyfriend
arm candies - bazaar
love ring - Urban Bazaar
cookie monster ring  - bazaar

Hello!! Aaaah, finally! I found a day where I can pamper and relax myself!! Hooray! Thanks to Nail-a-holics for treating me like a princess today :) 

A sweet and relaxing ambiance at nail-a-holics. <3

I tried there Serene Island Manicure and Ocean Wave Eyelash perm. It's my first time to try the eyelash perm. Hahaha! At first, I was really teary because my lashes are sticking on my lids. 

Thanks to my boyfriend, Mic for stealing this photo while I was sleeping during my eyelash perm. =))

Again, thank you nail-a-holics for making me happy!! I'll visit you again, soon!! 


November 22, 2012

Hello! Sorry for not updating. I am so busy with school and for my party. :( HAHAHA. So, about this blog, I want to share to you guys how I spend my time every Wednesday night. 

Since every Wednesday, I spend almost all the time at school. My class starts at 7:30 am and ends at 7:30 pm and would you believe that I only have 1.5 hours of break? How in the world will I survive with just one break? Oh well, it benefits me a lot because I'm losing weight!! :D

I feel so stressed always because of school!! And to relax for a while, what I do is I wash my face several times =)))) I use 3 different soap for my face. I use Kojie San whitening soap, Defensil which is an anti-pimple soap, and lastly Lancome Gel Pure Focus: Oil control cleansing gel for my oily face. After washing my face, I usually use Collagen Masks. 

Why collagen masks? I use collagen masks to provide my face with enough protein in which it is made up of collective tissues. As such, collagen was also called to be the "glue" for human structure. And also, it reduces signs of aging. lol It's very relaxing after putting a mask on your face. Here's a picture me enjoying the Collagen Mask!!

Hahahha! Do I look cute? Oh well, when I already applied the mask on my face, I really felt sleepy and relaxed! Feels like heaven!! OMG =)))

Here's my best friend!

This collagen mask was recommended by my auntie and I tried it because she said it would really help me solve my problems. Lol! HAHAHHAA

Hope I encouraged you to try using facial mask!!