May 3, 2014

Vietnam Trip 2014 (Photo diary)

After a stressful term at school, my grand mother asked me if I can join her during her Vietnam trip. Without thinking and other stuff, I said yes. 

April 13, 2014, 22:00; Ninoy Aquino International Airport.
Waiting for our flight. I was so bored that time 'cause we arrived at the airport two hours before our flight.

Vietnam is an hour behind Philippines. So, we arrived at Vietnam, 12 am and stayed at Hoang Phuong Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.

DAY 1: Ho Chi Minh City/Vung Tau

"Good Morning, Vietnam!" is a famous American war-comedy about the Vietnam war.
There's a lot of motorcycle there since the cyclo is very rare in Vietnam. I consider this country as a busy country because everyone's really busy doing this and that. They aren't wasting their time doing nothing.

My first breakfast!! Leche flan with coffee syrup and a cup of water with tea!
A very good combination! Well, I'm not really a fan of water and tea but this one really caught me. I had more than one glass of it. 

We went to Vung Tau which is a three hour ride from Ho Chi Minh. We went there to visit different temples and also to relax at the beach!

We stayed at Lan Rung Resort. A very nice place! Everyone's really hospitable and friendly. 

Outside view of the hotel

Lobby of the hotel. Snug place!

During our lunch there, here's our very peaceful view. Clear water and fresh air! <3

I don't know what's with my grand mother when it comes to ordering food. She orders a lot!!
So, here's our lunch: Baked scallops with cheese, Fried frog, Fried Chicken with butter, and Seafood soup!

At first, I was shocked that she ordered fried frogs and scallops!! I'm not really a fan of sea foods and exotic food but since we're only two and she ordered a lot, I was forced to eat the scallops and the frog :(

Well, anyway...

I was so happy that I saw the sunset at the beach! Cotton candy sky to end a stressful day for me!

DAY 2: Back in Ho Chi Minh City

Duck egg is really a famous exotic and street food not only here in the Philippines but also in Vietnam! I had the chance to taste their duck egg. In Vietnam, you eat it with mint leaves, lemon, and salt with pepper.

Every 7:00 pm, there is a night market in front of the hotel where we stay. I'm so happy that there's a walking distance shopping place for us! But the most exciting part for me is buying Cafe Su Da or Iced coffee with milk.

I think I had 3 cups of this during out trip. Hahaha! I'm kinda addicted to coffee right now. 

DAY 3: Food and Nail Art day!

In Vietnam, there's a lot of street walk eatery. It's like a fast food chain but you're going to eat at the sidewalk or in front of their food stall. My grandmother love's to eat duck eggs and so we ate again at the place same place where we first tasted Vietnam's duck eggs.

After eating, my grand mother asked if I wanted to have my nails done and then I said yes quickly. Vietnam's nail art is so amazing! They don't use any machine to do a single nail art but they do it with their own hands.

I had a hard time choosing the design for my nails like I want all the designs to be on my hands but then I've chosen the floral design which perfectly matched my nails. HAHAH

Day 4: Last day in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

 Our last breakfast here in Vietnam. Ate at Benh Tanh Market and I decided to order the all time favorite beef noodle soup or Pho in Vietnamese. Happy tummy!! :) :)

After strolling around the market, we bought Mangoes, Atis, fish, and many more.

Annnnd, here's my healthy lunch, pork with veggies rolled in rice paper!! <3

And my dinner, Iced coffee with milk :)

Here's an how their eatery look like.


This year's trip to Vietnam is really different from our other visit to this country. It's like I learned how to live independently, speak a little Vietnamese, cross the street while motorcycles are moving, and appreciate little things. I remember the first time I visited this country, I was living dependently to my family. Unlike now, I know to decide on my own and know the difference between what's good and bad. I would definitely visit this beautiful country soon!