May 21, 2014

Pop of Pink

Attended the Selecta Cornetto Ride to Fame last May 10, 2014 at Trinoma. :) I went to this event with my boyfriend and two friends.
This event is the bomb! Each person gets three free ice cream. I REPEAT, THREE FREE ICE CREAM!
It's not only an event about free ice cream but also it's contest wherein the winner gets to sing with Taylor Swift in her Red Tour concert here in the Philippines! This event is hosted by Teddy of Rocksteddy and the very pretty Joyce Pring. Also, the judges of the contest are Abra, Rico Blanco, and Mr. Valenciano (I forgot his fist name.)

Taylor Swift's song Red is I think the color theme of this event which I didn't know and I wasn't informed. Hahaha! That's why I'm wearing something pink.
Anyway, here's what I wore. :) 

A very simple look for this chill event. 

Floral top - Bought this top during my vacation at Vietnam last April. I was really sad that I haven't seen anything sunflower-y clothes but this caught my eye! It's very simple and really comfortable to wear.

Denim jeans - From Levi's. Newly added pants to my closet. Considered to be one of my favorites. 

Pink bag - From Singapore. Given by my boy friend's brother. I'm not a fan of color pink but this shade of pink is really an eye catcher for me. HEHE

Solemate flats - Really comfortable to wear. You can get a pair of this flats at all SM Department Stores nationwide!

Here are some of "pa-cute" shots!

Blue ribbon - Forgot where I bought this cute ribbon clip! But this one is my favorite. :)

My Illuminati pose. HAHAHA