May 26, 2014

Mj de Lemos tries to earn money

As a student, it's really hard to earn and save money. There is a lot of temptations around you like the mall, ktv bars, grocery, milk tea shops, everything! HAHA
At first, I was thinking of buying accessories and sell it but it would cost me a lot of money first just to buy the accessories. Also, I planned to sell some of my unused clothes. So, I finally decided to sell the ever famous LOOM BANDS and Notebooks! :)

For the loom bands, I'm still trying to learn other patterns but for now, I only make single loop and fishtail bracelets. :) Single loop loomies is 20php while the Fishtail loomies is 25php!
Here are some samples!

"couple" fishtail loomies

I allow those interested buyers to choose combinations (as long as I have the color/s). :)

While for the notebooks, I found my old notebooks and decided to sell it since I haven't used it. This is 75 php each.

Also, I'm helping my aunt to sell her recycled notebooks. These notebook has 30-40 leaves and its only 35 php each!! It has three different designs.You can choose whatever design you like. :D

If interested, message me!!