June 29, 2014

Hell week

As promised, I'll update my blog since I've been MIA (what's new?) again. 
Been so busy with school and it's our finals week. Fourth term is ending soon!! Yaaay for our ONE WEEK vacation. Lol

As a student without a uniform, I always keep in mind that simplicity is beauty. Also, I should dress myself with comfy clothes. During school days, I always blend in with the common students. I mean, those girls who wear the usual outfit like plain shirt + leggings/pants + sneakers/doll shoes. 

Here's how I look at school (during hell week) :)


I always loosely bun my hair at school. It's slightly hot outside the Mathematics Department. We usually hang there.


Every hell week or 10th week of the term, I look always like this. I always feel lazy dressing myself. I always feel that since there's tons of stuff to do, I'll just save that stylish outfit for special days.

Top from Bench.
Leggings from a bazaar.

Watch from Casio.
Doll shoes from Solemate.

Hoping that I'll pass again all my subjects this term. PRAYING FOR ALL BLUE.

Good luck to my fellow Mapuans!!
(c) https://www.facebook.com/mapua.OT for the hashtag :D