June 29, 2014

Inside my makeup kit

I don't usually use makeup cause I'm not really used to it. Since I entered college, I was told by my friend that I should try using cosmetics. Well, there's nothing wrong with trying so I bought myself with cosmetics that I think I really need. 

Here's what inside my makeup kit.

I only have few cosmetics that's why I only have this small pouch bag.


I'm into nude colors so it'll be easy for me to match it with what I wear.

Avon eye shadow with 3 basic colors: Cream, Black, and Brown.

Clinique eye shadow with 4 colors: Rose, Brown, Cream, and Green.


I consider this as a need cause I badly wanted to have long lashes. Here's what I use to make my lashes look longer.

(L-R) RevlonEstée Lauder, and Ever Bilena.

BLUSH ON from Maybelline.


I'm easily attracted with pink lipsticks. My friends told me that its better for me to use pink than red lipsticks. It makes me look mature but I have one red lipstick which also looks good on me.

(L-R) Color Pop [Pink] from Etude House Korea, Lollipop [Pink] from Ever Bilena, [Pink] from Maybelline, [Pink] from Avon, Matte [Pink] from Ever Bilena, and Spiced Apple from Clinique.

I'm not about the brand of makeup I use but what matters most with me is the quality of the product. :)

Thanks for reading!!