March 26, 2015

Back for Real (?)


Please excuse my poor creative skill. Anyway, I'm so back!! (How many times I've said this already? Lol). Anyway, I'm almost finished with my internship plus we still have this on-going thesis and hopefully we can finish it by May or late June. As I look at my schedule this year, it'll be a little roomy which means I can update my blog again, only if I can post anything. Lol.

I am open for photoshoot/s. Lol. Feel free to invite me. :) Just send me a message at my Facebook or Twitter account or you can email me as well if you're a little too shy to message me on my social media accounts. Thank you!

I still don't have any summer vacation plans as of the moment. Message me agad para I can include you sa sched ko. :D